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Skin Care

Skin should NOT be squeaky clean. #SkinCareMyth

If you want younger looking skin, you need a product rich in glycoprotein and ginseng extract to help increase oxygen uptake and promote the skin’s natural rate of cell renewal. And guess what? We have one.

Bad habit to stop this new year: Touching your face all the time!

Daily Tip #1


Remember to wipe down your phone daily. You’ll be surprised how many germs are transferred to your face because of your phone!

Start the year off right by treating your skin to our seaweed scrub. It’s designed to provide gentle exfoliation with natural jojoba beads and fruit enzymes.

Remember to drink lots of water tonight! Your skin will thank you =)

You can make your own skin care products, if you have lots of free time and don’t mind frustration. Or you can contact Juvance.

In the winter your skin becomes dry. Do you have a good moisturizer?

Help us reach 500 likes on Facebook and you’ll be entered in our raffle for one free Juvance product (of your choosing), valued at approx $35! 

Check out these organic skin care tips! They’re mostly intuitive, but reminders are always welcome, right?

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