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You can make your own skin care products, if you have lots of free time and don’t mind frustration. Or you can contact Juvance.


Ohh happy day =)

OH MY GAHHH!! Its nearly Christmas!!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! 

Juvance offers wonderful Christmas gifts! Here’s a list of all we offer.

Don’t wait!

Skin Care essentials. 

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List of Products and a little about us! 

Skin hangovers on the rise in party season.

Let our products help! 

~Skin hangovers come as part of the package in the party season. Binging and sleeping at odd hours definitely has a downside especially on the skin. With partying as everyone is, it isn’t just the late-20s crowd that looks for respite from post-party rash and acne and other skin toxin issues… in some cases, even 15-year-olds go for quick fixes

Since the world hasn’t come to an end, let’s continue taking care of our skin with Renewal Bamboo Scrub! 

It will make you feel like your at a spa!

~This scrub will help improved texture and skin clarity, refine pores, lightens skin discoloration and stimulate cellular regeneration. All skin types.

A little bit about our company!

About Us

The story of Juvance Cosmetics began when I was a girl staying every summer in rural Haiti with my grandmother, aunts and cousins in Mirebalais. Beauty wasn’t something that could be bought at a store there.

Hi Juvance, I’ve been using your gel cleanser for a few months now. My skin was breaking out a lot over the summer and I needed help. The Gel cleanser gradually helped reduce my breakout.

Barbara Majewski

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And don’t forget to check out are list of products while your there.

Looking for a cream to help brighten, revitalize  and refresh your skin?

Check out our Vitality-C Cream 

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